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SETUP is a nationwide strategy to encourage and assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to adopt technology innovations to improve their operations and expand the reach of their businesses.

The program focuses on the following six (6) priority sectors: 1. Food Processing; 2. Furniture; 3. Gifts, Decors & Handicrafts; 4. Marine and Aquatic Resources; 5. Horticulture (Cut flowers, fruits, high value crops); and 6. Metals and Engineering.

From 2001 to 2011 (as of June 2011), the agency has granted a total amount of P 24,124,873.38 for the realization of all the approved SETUP projects.

The List of on-going SETUP projects:

Zamboanga City 

  1. Upgrading of Machine Shop Services in Zamboanga City 
  2. Calamansi Processing 

Zamboanga Sibugay  

  • 2001-2011
    1. Upgrading the Operation of Agdong's Fish Farm and Hatchery 
    2. Acquisition of Combined Abaca Tuxyer-Spindle Stripping Machines 
    3. Upgrading and Expansion of Peanut Butter Processing Facility 
    4. Upgrading of Machine Shop Capability 
    5. Enhancing the Furniture Production Capability of Rockwood Sash and Furnishings 
    6. Upgrading the Operation of Calamansi Concentrate and Ready-to-Drink Juice Processing
  • 2012
    1. Upgrading of Soya Processing of Jocel Food Products 
    2. Upgrading of Buug Miki Processing Facility 
    3. Acquisition of Equipment to Upgrade Machine Shop Capability 
    4. Upgrading of Advent Crown Wood Works Facility 
    5. Upgrading the Operation of Agdong’s Fish Farm and Hatchery 
    6. Upgrading of Metal Works and Fabrication Facility of Caliper Machine Shop
    7. Upgrading of Crowntech Machine Shop Facility 
    8. Upgrading the Facility of Golden Honey Bakeshop 
    9. Enhancement of Packaging Material for Noodle Products 
    10. Establishment of Solid Waste Management Processing Facility thru Bioreactor Technology for LGU-Ipil 
    11. Establishment of a Solid Waste Processing Facility thru a 500-kg Capacity Bioreactor 
    12. Upgrading of Marc’s Balut Processing Facility 
    13. Mon-Mon Bakeshoppe and Snack Haus Processing Facility 
    14. Upgrading of RVE Bakeshop Production Facility 

Zamboanga del Sur 

  • 2001-2011
    1. Equipment Upgrading of Abaca Fiber Processing 
    2. Upgrading of Packaging and Labeling Material for Bagoong Alamang 
    3. Establishment of a 500Kg Capacity Bioreactor Facility 
    4. Upgrading of Banana-Enhanced Nutri Booster Production 
    5. Upgrading of Bangus Pinoy Processing Plant 
    6. Establishment of Dried Tilapia Processing Facility 
    7. Expansion of an Abaca Processing Plant 
    8. Upgrading of Dairy Products Processing Facilities 
    9. Upgrading of Farm Implement Manufacturing Plant 
    10. Expansion of Vermi-compost Production Facility 
    11. Upgrading of Farm Implements Manufacturing Firm 
    12. Developing Furnace-type Lumber Kiln Drying Capability 
    13. Compost Production through Application of Bioreactor and Vermicomposting Technologies 
    14. Compost Production Using Bioreactor and Vermicomposting Technologies

  • 2012
    1. Upgrading of SIFAMCO Rice Processing Facility 
    2. Upgrading of New Nonagon Engineering Machine Shop Operations 
    3. Expansion of an Abaca Fiber Processing 
    4. Upgrading of Organic Rice Processing Plant of CONZARRD, Inc.
    5. Upgrading of Metal Works and Fabrication Shop 
    6. Upgrading of Food Processing and Preservation Facility of Kajo’s General Merchandise 
    7. Upgrading of Palay Solar Drying Facility of Lenybeth Trading to Mechanical Dryer 
    8. Establishment of a Solid Waste Management Project Using Bioreactor and Plastic Shredding Technology 
    9. Upgrading of an Obsolete Rice Drying Facility to an Improved Mechanical Rice Drying Facility 
    10. Upgrading of a Bakeshoppe Industry 

Zamboanga del Norte

  • 2001-2011
    1. Upgrading of Café Antonina’s Food Procesing Facility
    2. Acquisition of Upgraded Tools and Equipment for Baking Cakes and Pastries
    3. Establishment of Furnace-Type Lumber Kiln Dryer 
    4. Expansion of Virgin Coconut Oil Processing Plant and Coconut Flour Production 
    5. Expansion and Acquisition of Additional Equipment for Sardines Making Facility 
    6. Expansion of ADS Bamboo Craft on Furniture, Gifts, Toys and Housewares (GTH) Manufacturing 
    7. Upgrading of Spanish Sardines Production Facility 
    8. Developing Furnace-type Lumber Kiln Drying Capability in Dapitan City 
    9. Establishment of Upgraded Spanish-style Sardines Processing Facility 
    10. Upgrading of Bottled Seafood Processing Facility for EU HACCP Accreditation
    11. Upgrading of Food Processing Facility
    12. Upgrading of Spanish Style Sardines Processing Facilities for Zaragoza Foods Corporation
    13. Upgrading of Coconut Shell Craft Processing

  • 2012
    1. Upgrading of Dod’s Metal Works and Fabrication 
    2. Upgrading of Processing Facility of Goodies Milk Products 
    3. Upgrading of Vermicomposting Facility of IRA Agricultural Products 
    4. Establishment of Non-wood Kiln Dryer for Jaymark Handicraft 
    5. Upgrading of Tabon-Tabon Processing Plant of Marapong Corporation 
    6. Upgrading of Polyfruits Processing Plant 
    7. Upgrading of Tablea Production Facility of Roteo Farm 
    8. Upgrading of Pancit Making Production Facility 
    9. Expansion and Modernization of Bakers Haven by Victoria 
    10. Upgrading of Care Cakes and Pastries 
    11. Equipment Modernization of Chokie’s Cakes and Refreshment 
    12. Productivity Improvement through Acquisition of Upgraded Processing Equipment 
    13. Upgrading of Gilmor A. Gahapon Metal Works Facility 
    14. Upgrading of Fabrication, Restoration and General Service Shop 
    15. Upgrading of Peanut Butter Processing Facility 
    16. Upgrading of NM’s Vermicompost Production through Acquisition of Equipment 
    17. upgrading the rich ice cream on stick processing facility 

Isabela City

  • 2012
    1. Upgrading of Production Facility of Cape Patiño 
    2. Upgrading of Bakery Equipment and Facilities 

    At the present, the DOST IX continuously promotes the program which gives its clients/customers an opportunity to expand or upgrade their business or enterprises.

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